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February 22, 2016 – Justice Update, Martha McSally

We start the show with 4Tucson Justice Domain Director Dr. Reverend Da’Mond Holt who tells us some of the things going on in the Justice Domain including the Fresh Start Program that will reward students and Teachers for excellence at TUSD’s alternative school, the Expungement Program that will help some non-violent ex-offenders find a job and otherwise get a new start on life, and the upcoming Justice Community Forum

Then US Representative for Arizona’s Second District, Martha McSally joins us to talk about controlling the southern border to keep America safe, tracking Visa’s to prevent Visa overstays, and fighting for the A-10 and to keep it at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base


April 9, 2015 – UofA Update, Martha McSally

We start the show with a few minutes of banter between Ray and Mike and a quick issue or two

Then it’s a UofA Update with Arizona Daily Star Sports Reporter Bruce Pascoe

Finally we talk with US Representative Martha McSally about saving the A-10 and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, her pending legislation about Cartel Scouts, and saving the Cherrybell Post Office


March 25, 2015 – Serving Haiti, Hot Topics, Oro Valley Views

We start the show with Author Meagan Boudreaux who wrote, “Miracle on Voodoo Mountain”.  She explains in the book, and on the show, how God prompted her to sell all her belongings and move by herself to Haiti.  It changed her life, and the Haitians that her and her husband serve.  Find out more about their ministry and her book at respirehaiti.org

Then it’s Hot Topics.  Harry and Mike discuss Congressman McSally and how she got the Air Force Chief of Staff to visit Davis Monthan Air Force Base (h/t Tucson Sentinel)

Then it’s Oro Valley Views with our co-host Don Cox and in studio guest from America’s Mattress, Jeff Saunders who had some sleeping tips, while Don mentioned some upcoming OV events


March 24, 2015 – Ted Cruz Running, Hot Topics

We start the show with Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard as we discuss their article on Ted Cruz announcing that he is running for President.  We talk about his possible strategies and also some of the other candidates likely to jump in the race

Then it’s Hot Topics as Mike and Tom discuss a new half billion contract for Raytheon in Tucson and new bill introduced by Congressman Martha McSally to increase penalties for cartel scouts


February 25, 2015 – Hot Topics, Tucson Worship Conference, OV Views

We start the show with Hot Topics including the homeless downtown and in Pima County, and Congresswoman Martha McSally’s op ed in USA Today about funding the Department of Homeland Security and comprehensive immigration reform

Then it’s the upcoming Tucson Worship Conference.  Go to www.tucsonworshipconference.com for more information and to register

Then in Oro Valley Views we talk about the Oro Valley Police Department’s High Visibilty Enforcement (HiVE)