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June 29, 2015 – No on Pima County Bonds, Homeless Shelter

We start the show with Joe Boogaart who is part of Taxpayers Against Pima Bonds pimabondfacts.com. He explains the massive debt the county is in and how issuing more bonds will mean even higher taxes

Then it’s Pastor Dave Ferrari who lived on the streets of downtown Tucson as a homeless person. He tells us what it was like and how we can help raise money for a permanent homeless shelter at his church. centralcityonline.com


June 19, 2015 – Downtown Homelessness Solutions, Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo

We start the show with Pastor Dave Ferrari who pastors Central City Assembly Church. Pastor Dave is working to rally the community to help him open a permanent low demand shelter for Men and Women (separately). Pastor Dave will also be living three days as a home;ess person

Then it’s Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo. Mike talks about upcoming events planned this Summer by the Marana Parks and Rec.


April 27, 2015 – Vlogging Every Day in April, Ladles of Love

We start the show with Steph Bennett (@StephsBubble on Twitter) live from London where it was after midnight as she called in!  We talked about YouTube as a social network where you can meet people from all over the world with something called VEDA, or Vlog Every Day in April (and August). Steph has created a community around the hashtag #BattenVEDA on twitter. That’s where you’ll find all of our videos!

Then it’s Loretta Bailey from Ladles of Love to talk about feeding the homeless and just about everyone else!


April 20, 2015 – Central City Assembly, Vail School District

We start the show with Pastor Dave Ferrari of Central Assembly Church to talk about how they serve the homeless population downtown and how the city is currently funding them to keep their shelter running

Then is

it’s the Superintendent of Vail Schools Cal Baker to talk about how they are dealing with budget cuts


March 11, 2015 – Hot Topics, IRS, Oro Valley Views

We start the show with a quick update on the Pod situation with the homeless downtown

Then it’s a special agent with the IRS talking about how to avoid being scammed by people posing to be the IRS who are really just trying to steal your money and/or your identity

Finally it’s Oro Valley Views with a spokesperson from the Golder Ranch Fire District talking about pool, barbeque, and poisonous critter safety


March 10, 2015 – Pod People Breaking News, Mexican Baseball, Cost of Deporting Illegals

We start the show with breaking news and on 4Tucson at 4:00, when news breaks, we fix it!  Federal Judge does not change his ruling on the homeless living downtown, but scolds the city telling them they had power all along to prevent the situation from getting out of hand

Then it’s an interview with Mike Feder about Mexican Baseball Spring Training coming to Tucson

Finally we talk with the Washington Examiner about the cost of deporting illegal immigrants


March 6, 2015 – Oro Valley Mayor, Hot Topics, Disc Golf

We start with the Oro Valley Mayor, Satish Hiremath, who is facing a possible recall by Oro Valley residents

Then it’s Hot Topics with Ray and Mike including Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and homeless folks living in pods downtown

Finally we talk about local disc golf enthusiasts


February 25, 2015 – Hot Topics, Tucson Worship Conference, OV Views

We start the show with Hot Topics including the homeless downtown and in Pima County, and Congresswoman Martha McSally’s op ed in USA Today about funding the Department of Homeland Security and comprehensive immigration reform

Then it’s the upcoming Tucson Worship Conference.  Go to www.tucsonworshipconference.com for more information and to register

Then in Oro Valley Views we talk about the Oro Valley Police Department’s High Visibilty Enforcement (HiVE)


February 24, 2015 – Hot Topics, Sold No More

We start with Hot Topics including the President vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline, Red Light Cameras, and the Pima County Sheriff’s Department forming a task force to look into homelessness problems in the NW part of Tucson metro

Then it’s Sold No More talking about education and enforcement concerning the sex trade, how Pima County has declared itself a sex trade free zone, and an upcoming comedy event on April 24th at Victory Worship Center to raise money for Sold No More


February 16, 2015 – Church Security, Homeless Downtown

Our first guest is Lisa VanHolsbeke who is helping churches develop security in these interesting times that we live in

Then we talk with City Councilman Steve Kozachik about the homeless that are living downtown and what can be done to move them to more sanitary conditions