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April 4, 2016 – GAP Ministries, Goldwater Institute

We start the show with Jason Ayers of GAP Ministries to talk about the many services they offer including foster care, school partnerships, food for ministries to distribute and more.  GAP is hoping to raise $60,000 on Arizona Gives Day so they can buy new vans used in their foster care homes.

Then it’s Goldwater Institute Attorney Jim Manley to talk about why they think Pima County is in violation of the Arizona Constitution’s Gift Clause.  Goldwater has sent a letter of intent to sue Pima County because they say there was no transparency or bidding when the county awarded a building and space port pad for lease.  Goldwater also says that is not the place of government to aid a private business by putting tax payer money at risk.


April 7, 2015 – Arizona Gives Day, Iran Deal, GAP Ministries

We start the show with a director of Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits to talk about Arizona Gives Day

Then it’s John Winchester to tell us details about the pending deal between the UN and Iran

Finally it’s GAP Ministries to talk about how they serve the community and creative ideas they are using to raise money on Arizona Gives Day


February 10, 2015 – Education Freedom, Kayla Mueller, Gap Ministry House Parents

We start the show with the Goldwater Institute talking about Education Savings Accounts.  You can find out more at www.askamom.com

Then it’s Hot Topics.  Mike pays tribute to Kayla Mueller, the Prescott woman who was killed by ISIS

Then we meet two couples who serve at Gap Ministries as House Parents