4Tucson at 4:00 airs weekday afternoons on AM 1030 KVOI, The Voice.  Hosted by Mike Shaw and Produced by Ray Alan.  4Tucson at 4:00 talks about news of the day, religion, politics, local events, and other fun stuff.


Mike was born in Compton, California and grew up in Oregon. In 1984 he moved to Roswell, NM to start his broadcast career. In his 25 years in radio and television, Mike has worked as a DJ, Music Director, Photojournalist, Reporter, Weather Anchor, News Anchor and other duties as assigned. He has also managed station web sites and has had success making YouTube videos. Mike was moved to Tucson from west Texas in 2006 by Family Life Radio where he served as News Director for four years.

Mike has two adult children and four grandchildren. He enjoys taking pictures of the amazing sunrises and sunsets that Tucson is famous for. He still has a passion for weather and updates the forecast every morning at his Tucson Weather Facebook page. Mike is excited to be the host of “4Tucson at 4:00″ weekday afternoon’s at 4:00 on AM 1030 KVOI, The Voice. He believes that God is moving on the hearts of Christians all over metro Tucson bringing unity to the body of Christ and local churches. “I’m excited to be a small part of what God is doing in Tucson through 4Tucson,” Mike said. “As the body of Christ serves the community, we will see the kind of change that will make Tucson a better place for all of us.”

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