Monthly Archives: April 2016

April 11, 2016 – Secretary of State Michele Reagan, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus

We start the show with Secretary of State Michele Reagan who is doing several public forums this week to listen to the public about the long lines on March 22nd during the Presidential Preference Primary.  We also talk about the other issue that many people had with their voter registration being changed to “No Party Affiliation” after making simple changes to their voter registration such as making an address change.  We also discussed the possible solutions and how people can double check to make sure they are ready for May’s Special Election as well as the election in November.

Then it’s Tucson’s new Police Chief Chris Magnus.  We spent a lot of time on budget cuts to the department and strategies to keep up patrols in the city.  Also his philosophy of full service policing including community policing.  I asked him about body cameras and he says his goal is for every officer to eventually be wearing a body camera.


April 8, 2016 – Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona, Michael Ortega

We start the show with Kevin Cunningham and Judith Simmons both with Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.  They have a career fair coming up.  We discuss career opportunities with Goodwill and how it helps their mission.

The Tucson City Manager Michael Ortega joins us to talk about Tucson’s budget challenges.  The city is $25-million in the red.  What are the cuts that need to be made to get to a balanced budget?  How are those priorities determined?  Can we hold the line on police and fire protection?  What is the process?


April 7, 2016 – John Kramkowski and the Great Supreme Court Appointment Debate, UofA Update

John Kramkowski is with us for the entire hour.  We debate on whether of not the Senate should hold confirmation hearings on President Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee.  A caller brings up Arizona House Speaker David Gowen’s new rules that require members of the press to go through a background check if they want access to the house floor during session.  And we finish with a UofA Sports Update


April 6, 2016 – Margaret Burkholder, Ronald Newman

Margaret Burkholder joins us at the start of the show to talk about her run for Pima County School Superintendent.  We talk about the responsibilities of the office, her success on the Vail School Board, her experience as a math teacher, why she thinks the passage of Prop 123 in May would be a good step forward but more is needed.

Then Ronald Newman joins us.  He is running for Justice of the Peach in Precinct 10.  We talk about the responsibilities of the JP, his work on the bench as a judge pro tem, his experience as a lawyer, and his approach to the job in regards to applying the law with compassion where possible.


April 5, 2016 – SAHBA, Al Melvin

We start the show with Southern Arizona Home Builder’s President David Godlewski.  We discuss housing starts in southern Arizona and where most of the building is happening now and how the near future looks.  We also talked about apartments going up in Oro Valley and how that points to possible improvement in new housing starts.  Also the SAHBA Home Show is this weekend.  we preview the show and give some tickets away

Then Al Melvin joins us.  We talk about his run for Arizona Corporation Commission, why moving “Federal” lands to state control is a good idea, nuclear power, and his plan to provide low cost electricity to Mexico so they can desalinate Sea of Cortez water and in exchange Arizona could use Mexico’s CAP water credits.


April 4, 2016 – GAP Ministries, Goldwater Institute

We start the show with Jason Ayers of GAP Ministries to talk about the many services they offer including foster care, school partnerships, food for ministries to distribute and more.  GAP is hoping to raise $60,000 on Arizona Gives Day so they can buy new vans used in their foster care homes.

Then it’s Goldwater Institute Attorney Jim Manley to talk about why they think Pima County is in violation of the Arizona Constitution’s Gift Clause.  Goldwater has sent a letter of intent to sue Pima County because they say there was no transparency or bidding when the county awarded a building and space port pad for lease.  Goldwater also says that is not the place of government to aid a private business by putting tax payer money at risk.


April 1, 2016 – John Winchester, Desert Christian Spring Play

John Winchester is running for Pima County Supervisor and is the State Director for Christians United for Israel. We talked about an upcoming candidate forum to talk about new legislation that was just passed and signed into law that would make it illegal for state agencies to support public entities that were divesting their assets from Israeli companies. We also discussed his run for office and where he stands on the issues including Pima County’s tax structure, high property taxes and priorities.

Then Alicia Fodor and some theater students from desert Christian join us to talk about their upcoming play, Shakespeare’s 12th Night, that will be performed under that stars at Desert Christian High School.


March 31, 2016 – City Psalms Art Gallery, UofA Update

4Tucson Prayer Domain Director Brian Goodall joined us to discuss City Psalms; their latest album that was just finished and will soon be released, the goals of City Psalms, and the Art Gallery coming up.

Then John Kramkowski joins us with a UofA Update. We cover the nationally ranked sand volleyball team, the nationally ranked softball team, the baseball team and track.


March 30, 2016 – Clean Comedy, Mark Napier Running for Pima County Sheriff

Comedian “Doc” Farm joined us to talk about the upcoming Clean Comedy Night being put on once a month by Marana Laughs. Clean comedy is designed to be a fun night of comedy that is safe for the whole family.

Then Mark Napier joined the show. Mark is running for Pima County Sheriff. We discussed some of the issues facing the current the department including raises for deputies and the FBI investigation. Mark let us know why he thinks he is the best choice for the job based on his education and experience.


March 29, 2016 – Shrek the Musical, Richard Fimbres

Ben Wiese and Aurora Hunter join us to talk about the upcoming play, Shrek the Musical. It’s being put on by Arts Express in conjunction with the State School for the Deaf and Blind. Every part in the play has an English speaking actor and an actor “speaking” in sign language. It’s part of Arts Express CharACTOR campaign that brings different communities that would not ordinarily interact or get to know each other.

Richard Fimbres is a Tucson City Councilman for Ward 5. He came on to talk about new economic opportunities coming into the south side. We also discussed the City’s budget challenges as well as the proposed Fry’s development on Houghton and awarding World View city incentives.