Monthly Archives: August 2015

August 10, 2015 – Church Security, Stop the Bad Iran Deal

We start the show with Lisa VanHolsbeke who talks about the need for church security in a more dangerous world. She has started a group to help churches with planning and training

Then it’s John Winchester with Christians United for Israel. He is urging everyone to email and call Senator Flake to urge him to vote against the very bad Iran deal. You can find details at


August 6, 2015 – Racial Reconciliation, UofA Update

We start the show with 4Tucson Justice Domain Director Pastor DaMond Holt. We talk about Warrant Day in the City of Tucson and a program where Tucson Police hang out with inner city kids at the Boys and Girls Club

Then it’s Scott Terrell with with a UofA update concentrating on the upcoming football season


August 5, 2015 – Amateur Astronomy, America’s Mattress, Oro Valley Views

We start the show with Jim Knoll who is the Star Party Coordinator for the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association to talk about the club, what they do, and star parties they put on for the public as well as organizations and schools

Then it’s Jeff Saunders from America’s Mattress

Finally Don Cox joins us with Oro Valley Views


July 31, 2105 – Kelly Lawton, Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo

Kelly Lawton is running for Tucson City Council. He tells us where he stands on the issues

Then it’s Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo with Steve Landau who started, “Everyone Runs, Everyone Walks” to talk about running in general and their running events they hold throughout the year


July 30, 2015 – DCS/Church Partnerships, Parents for Ethics in TUSD

Social Services Domain Director J. Michael Davis joins us to explain Department of Child Safety/Church Partnerships and how you can get involved

Then it’s Brian Sauber with Parents for Ethics in TUSD who are spearheading a recall campaign against some of the TUSD Board Members


July 28, 2015 – Live from Epoch Men’s Health, Vail Family University

We are live from Epoch Men’s Health for their Grand Opening

We start the show with Pastors Jeff Logsdon and Sally Smale to talk about Church/School Partnerships and the upcoming Vail Family University

Then it’s more about Epoch Men’s Health and how being proactive about your health can improve your quality of life and perhaps even extend it!