Monthly Archives: May 2015

May 22, 2015 – Libre Initiative, Senator McCain, Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo

We start the show with Daniel Garza who heads up the Libre Initiative. For the first time in American history businesses are failing faster that they are being started. This especially adversely affects Latino’s

The it’s two segments with Senator John McCain where we talk about saving the A-10, Raytheon, ISIS, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Russia

Finally it’s Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo where we highlight some of the Memorial Day Observances happening in the area


May 20, 2015 – Racial Reconciliation, Marana Mayor Ed Honea, Oro Valley Views

We start the show with Pastor Elwood McDowell, Pastor or Trinity Missionary Baptist Church about racial tension in the country and how we can ease it

Then it’s Marana Mayor Ed Honea on why he is opposed to the bond proposals Pima County residents will be voting on in November

Then it’s special co-host of Oro Valley Views Don Cox with some upcoming events in Oro Valley


May 19, 2015 – Warren Rustand Father of the Year, County Raises Property Taxes

We start the show with CEO Warren Rustand who is being honored as one of five Father’s of the Year. He honors his dad and has great advice for living life

Then it’s Ray and Mike with breaking news that Pima County voted to raise property taxes again


May 18, 2015 – Coach Jerry Kindall, Manzo Elementary Vandalism

We start the show with legendary former head coach of the University of Arizona Wildcats Baseball team, Jerry Kindall to talk about his career and what he is up to these days

Then it’s Ray and Mike discussing favorite shows on Netflix and the vandalism at Manzo Elementary over the weekend


May 15, 2015 – Paragon Space, LeCrae in Concert

We start the show with Grant Anderson who is the President and CEO of Paragon Space Development.  We geek out over such topics as a base on the Moon, going to Mars, “sky” diving from the edge of space, and mining asteroids

Then it’s Elisa Medina with Hands of Hope to talk about the upcoming LeCrae Concert and also the many services that Hands of Hope provides


May 13, 2015 – Father of the Year, Oro Valley Views

We start the show with University of Arizona Athletic Director, Greg Byrne. He is being honored as one of five Father’s of the Year. Also to talk about joining the Wildcat Club

Then it’s Oro Valley Views where we meet one of the Fire Fighters from the Golder Ranch Fire District


May 12, 2015 – Thank a Cop, Get Schooled with Rebecca

We start the show with Bonnie Faircloth with the Tucson Police Foundation to talk about Thank A Cop Day

Then it’s Rebecca Guthrie with our new segment, “Get Schooled with Rebecca” to talk about education. Specifically, tuition increases, the state budget, and can education prevent riots?


May 11, 2015 – High Teen Unemployment Rate, Anti-Israel Collage Campus’, Dave Fitzsimmons

We start the show with Luke Kenworthy with Generation Opportunity to talk about the high teen unemployment rate, its causes, and its cures

Then it’s John Winchester to talk about a NY Times article that goes into detail about the anti-Israel sentiment on many college campus’.  John tells about some of the UofA ties as well

Then it’s Dave Fitzsimmons to talk about the upcoming Old Pueblo Radio Show coming to the Rialto Theater on May 17th at 2pm