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April 29, 2015 – Dennis Prager Recap, P3, and Oro Valley Views

We start the show with a recap of last night’s event at the Fox Theater put on by Christians United for Israel.  The Night to Honor Israel was a huge success and we have audio clips from Dennis Prager’s speech

Then it’s Jo to tell us about the Pray, Praise, and Prophecy event

Finally it’s a few events happening in Oro Valley during Oro Valley Views


April 28, 2015 – City of South Tucson, Dennis Prager

We start the show with Benny Young, City Manager of South Tucson.  He talked about the planning stages of a plan for economic growth for the square mile size city

Then it’s Mike with a few comments about the rioting in Baltimore

Then we talk with john Winchester who previews the Christian’s United for Israel event with Dennis Prager as the keynote speaker


April 27, 2015 – Vlogging Every Day in April, Ladles of Love

We start the show with Steph Bennett (@StephsBubble on Twitter) live from London where it was after midnight as she called in!  We talked about YouTube as a social network where you can meet people from all over the world with something called VEDA, or Vlog Every Day in April (and August). Steph has created a community around the hashtag #BattenVEDA on twitter. That’s where you’ll find all of our videos!

Then it’s Loretta Bailey from Ladles of Love to talk about feeding the homeless and just about everyone else!


April 24, 2015 – Clinton, Inc., Vinyl, Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo

We start the show with Weekly Standard Reporter and Author Daniel Halper. His latest book is “Clinton, Inc.” discussing the Clinton’s, including Chelsea, and Hillary’s chances in the Presidential race

Then it’s Ray Alan and Mike discussing how vinyl is making a comeback as a great way to listen to music

Then it’s the YMCA on Off the Couch in the Old Pueblo


April 23, 2015 – TUSD Audit Changes, UofA Update

We start the show with Jim Lovelace who is the Chairman of TUSDs Audit Committee.  TUSD has made some changes that are raising red flags because of a lack of transparency

Then it’s Formerly Unpaid Intern Kyle with a UofA update on his birthday including breaking news that Stanly Johnson is declaring for the NBA draft


April 22, 2015 – Tucson is not Business Friendly, A Tea Party to Raise Funds ,Oro Valley Views

We start the show with Cort Chalfant who wrote a letter to the Mayor and City Council after he spent almost two years and $250,000 to help McDonald’s build a new restaurant on 22nd and Craycroft.  A deal that was nixed by neighborhood associations

Then it’s Bevin Dunn who is having a 20’s themed Tea Party to raise money for a school in Africa

Finally we finish with Jeff from America’s Mattress on Oro Valley Views


April 21, 2015 – Dennis Prager, Peanut Butter and Jesus

We start the show with Dennis Prager to talk about Israel, Iran, and his upcoming visit to Tucson on April 28th at 7pm at the Fox Theater

Then it’s a ministry called Peanut Butter and Jesus that has developed a fortified peanut butter to feed the people of Malawi. They also make the product in Malawi which is creating jobs for farmers and factory workers! A local pastor and his wife will be going on a mission trip there this Summer


April 20, 2015 – Central City Assembly, Vail School District

We start the show with Pastor Dave Ferrari of Central Assembly Church to talk about how they serve the homeless population downtown and how the city is currently funding them to keep their shelter running

Then is

it’s the Superintendent of Vail Schools Cal Baker to talk about how they are dealing with budget cuts